Growing Canada’s Middle Class – How the Budget 2016 will make this happen

Growing Canada’s Middle Class – How the Budget 2016 will make this happen

The Canadian government is taking a new approach by reaching out to the working class. The government’s objective is to help Canadians achieve financial stability. The program is aimed to strengthen Canada finance and its economic growth, to improve the lives of the people by helping create more job opportunities for everyone.

The government takes pride in building and restoring a progressive nation and believes that the center is and will always be the Canadian citizen. The new approach instigates efforts on helping out Canadians, specifically those who have been consistently working hard for their loved ones. The government wants to give back to its community. This is the main reason why they would like to focus on its people, their needs and their hopes of creating a better future for everyone.

In reality, everyday Canadians battle the menial wage increase of workers. An average citizen struggles to stay afloat with his current salary. The cost of living is rapidly increasing while his income remains stagnant. Some families tend to acquire more debts just to make ends meet. With this predicament, the 2016 budget introduced a tax free program to benefit the hardworking citizens. This project will increase monetary support to the middle income families by removing tax breaks as well as improve shares in student finance. Starting July 2016, Canadians will be able to bring home a bigger paycheck to their families. This indeed signifies the progress of Canada finance and development for the middle class.

Efforts will be given to aid and finance students to help them prepare to face a brighter future for the country. Senior citizens and the veterans alike, won’t have to worry about securing a good retirement plan. These projects are all about helping and assisting the people.

Another plan the government has mapped out is how to attain economic and financial growth. By creating more investments and developinga better infrastructure, more job opportunities will be available for the working class. These investments are expected to amount to more than $120 billion. These programs will also help seed a better relationshipbetween the government and the native Canadians and help provide them a prosperous way of life.

The Budget 2016 has also shifted its focus to clean and green technology. The government is now taking part in the fight against climate change. Protecting the environment will also have a significant effect on the economic development of the country. A program is already in the works to assure a healthy environment for all. The Canadian government has announced an $11.9 billion investment to support and improve public transit, water system and affordable housing to name a few.

All these strategies were developed with the purpose of improving a better quality of life for the average Canadian citizen. The Budget 2016 is all about Canadians, their hard work and willingness to provide a better tomorrow for their families. The government is aware that this is not an easy task but the Budget 2016’s new approach in Canada finance will help secure asolid future for the Canadian people.

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